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CentOS Linux Logo
All of our servers run CentOS Linux which is an open source UNIX based operating system. It is considered one of the best operating systems for server use due to its high reliability, security and efficient use of system resources like memory and CPU power.

We have developed our own back-end software systems to run services such as the web-server, name server and mail server. This allows us to make our system unique and design in our own special features. For more info on this system you can see our control panel information page.

Apache Logo Apache - This is the web server program run on all of our servers, which delivers the web pages to the userís browser. It is the worlds most popular and is used by 63% of web servers. This is down to its amazing performance and many features which make it the best in the world.
Sendmail Logo Sendmail - As the name suggests Sendmail is used on the server to deal with the sending of mail. Used by majority of mail servers around the world due its good features, security and performance.
ProFTPD Logo ProFTPD - Chosen for its efficient coding which gives it the performance needed by us and the many great features, ProFTPD was an easy choice over wu-ftpd used by many other hosts.
MySQL Logo MySQL 4 and 5 - MySQL is used in a wide range of database applications, including Web databases, e-commerce applications, data warehousing, logging applications and distributed applications. We run both MySQL 4 and 5.
PHP Logo PHP 5 - PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be easily embedded into HTML. We run both PHP 4 and 5.
Perl Logo Perl Perl is a widely-used general-purpose stable, cross platform programming language and is popular in CGI.